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Change. In the fast-paced world of creative design, change can be crazy, fun, daunting, and sometimes painful. But while other design firms are focused on just selling services and products, A Creative Mind’s focus is to provide sustainable creative designs that communicate effectively to your target audience while helping to save our planet.


It’s all about choices

Using sustainability in the creative design process not only considers the beauty of the finished project but the entire project as a whole. Questions like: Does the piece need to be printed? or Could the project be as effective in some sort of electronic medium – PDF, Email, or Web? or If the project must be printed, how many pieces really need to be printed in order not to be wasteful?

Use Green Principles

By considering sustainability in design, you will be doing your part in helping minimize the negative impact of your marketing materials on our planet. When you select us to assist you with your creative projects, the end result will be a beautiful, creative, sustainable design that your company will be proud of and one that can help save our planet for future generations to come.

What Do We Offer?

A woman-owned, graphic and web design studio that goes the extra mile to help you grow your business through the development of creative marketing materials. A studio where ideas are born and flourish, collaboration is nurtured and effective business design is developed and grown. A place where you connect directly with the designer. So sit back, relax, stay a while. Our doors are open. Welcome to A Creative Mind!

Why Choose Us?

Visionary. Solutions-Driven. Focused. With imagination and insight, A Creative Mind is a solutions-driven creative studio that works with your business to deliver the quality projects you expect. Understanding the big picture and developing strategies designed to enhance your company’s brand and effectiveness, our focus is to deliver creative designs to accomplish your marketing objectives.

What We Believe

Purpose. Possibilities. Trust. Our enthusiastic approach in designing your company’s projects are met with vigor and excitement. We recognize that no matter how small the project, it’s important to you and your business. With the breath of possibilities we offer, we’re sure that we can craft a solution that will not only be visually appealing but will meet your needs, suit your budget, and will be delivered on time.

What We Do

Consult. Create. Inspire. Whether developing your company’s brand story or designing an innovative web site, We love what we do! And it shows. But most of all, we take great pride in developing relationships. We know that when there is a relationship of trust between you and us, magic happens. So if you want creative marketing materials designed by a company you’ll enjoy working with, you’ve come to the right place.

We recognize that you have many choices when choosing a company to develop your company’s story.  As you consider those choices, remember that too many choices can cost you time and money. Your precious marketing dollars need to make sense for your company, your brand and your budget. Operating as a sustainable graphic and web design studio, A Creative Mind will always go the extra mile to help you grow your business through the development of marketing materials you need – company identity packages, postcards, ads, website design and management, and more. Give us a call! We’re ready to help.


A Creative Mind
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